I will own the morning and set my sights anew on the opportunity for the purpose that I must see through.   I will rule the day with clarity, focus, and power as seconds lead to minutes culminating in the hour.   Not a second will be wasted for the goal, it has been set. […]

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Speak like a child

Yesterday, I was struck with a disturbing realization as I was shooting footage for what will probably be the first episode of the Deeper Dive. I was pontificating out loud how frustrated I was in feeling unable to write despite knowing that I have a plethora of topics I can discuss besides my fiction content. You may […]

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New stuff in the works…

Just a quick update. I’ll be writing the final part of the short story sometime this week and I will make the whole story available for reading on a separate page on this site. I plan on writing more short stories. Judging by the views I received for No Regrets, I may write more posts dealing with my […]

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To A Young Man In Love…

This post is derived from a question that I answered on Quora.com. I love a girl but don’t have the courage to tell her. How can I get over my emotions and forget her? She’s intelligent, sprightly and very beautiful. I feel so happy looking at her eyes, but at the same time I feel […]

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The Spine The cool air hovering through the raindrops kissed her cheeks. She didn’t mind the effort of her fingers holding up the umbrella. She was even grateful to the rain for letting the mist and the darkness shroud her in anonymity while matching the weather conditions of her inner world. She had her book […]

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No Regrets

In 2006, I failed at life. Let me explain how. Coming off of the 2004-2005 school year at SIU, I felt like I was on a roll. I made decent money for myself between my day job and my side gig playing cocktail piano at a bistro cafe in downtown Carbondale. My grades weren’t great, […]

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Ikigai. My wife first introduced me to this word several years ago and its importance has only grown as I realize that my own life 1/3rd the way over. It might be absurd for a thirty-something-year-old man such as myself to say, but life is short. Too short to be spent on pursuing the unimportant, […]

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