I wasn’t prepared for how hard life was going to be. I had no idea of how much work it takes to succeed. I’ve always taken the easy way out of things rather than the path that was right but difficult. When I entered college, I did it partly because that was simply what was […]

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“Should a person do good, let him do it again and again. Let him find pleasure therein, for blissful is the accumulation of good.   It may be well with the evil-doer as long as the evil ripens not. But when it does ripen, then the evil-doer sees (the painful results of) his evil deeds. […]

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Speak like a child

Yesterday, I was struck with a disturbing realization as I was shooting footage for what will probably be the first episode of the Deeper Dive. I was pontificating out loud how frustrated I was in feeling unable to write despite knowing that I have a plethora of topics I can discuss besides my fiction content. You may […]

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To A Young Man In Love…

This post is derived from a question that I answered on I love a girl but don’t have the courage to tell her. How can I get over my emotions and forget her? She’s intelligent, sprightly and very beautiful. I feel so happy looking at her eyes, but at the same time I feel […]

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No Regrets

In 2006, I failed at life. Let me explain how. Coming off of the 2004-2005 school year at SIU, I felt like I was on a roll. I made decent money for myself between my day job and my side gig playing cocktail piano at a bistro cafe in downtown Carbondale. My grades weren’t great, […]

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