The Way is not meant for chastisement, but for reflection. The Way is not meant to be endured as a trial, but as a walk of joy. The Way is not meant to cut the soul to pieces in condemnation, but to grow in spiritual cultivation. The Way is not meant to be worshiped, but […]

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White Space

And then there is the white space. The blank page on your screen. It is nothing. It is everything. With what will you fill it? The latest political outrage? The latest hashtag trend? A viral post, image, video that will be forgotten in 5 minutes? Gossip? The same distractions that everyone else has already posted […]

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I will own the morning and set my sights anew on the opportunity for the purpose that I must see through.   I will rule the day with clarity, focus, and power as seconds lead to minutes culminating in the hour.   Not a second will be wasted for the goal, it has been set. […]

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