I will own the morning and set my sights anew on the opportunity for the purpose that I must see through.   I will rule the day with clarity, focus, and power as seconds lead to minutes culminating in the hour.   Not a second will be wasted for the goal, it has been set. […]

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To A Young Man In Love…

This post is derived from a question that I answered on Quora.com. I love a girl but don’t have the courage to tell her. How can I get over my emotions and forget her? She’s intelligent, sprightly and very beautiful. I feel so happy looking at her eyes, but at the same time I feel […]

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The Way of Integra

Anyone who knows me personally (and not just online) might be aware of my explorations into Objectivism, Buddhism, and Catholicism among many other ideas. They might understand way, for all of the controversy that surrounds Ayn Rand, why I am still inspired by her philosophy and consider her metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and heroic view of […]

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A Project in the Works Part 1

So the last two posts were just little off-the-cuff pieces that I wrote. I started off by just wanting to capture that same helpless feeling of desperation that most creative artists and professionals face as they struggle. Now, that I’ve read both blog posts, I’m debating on expanding on the two respective stories. There are concrete […]

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Here goes nothing…

So in my 33+ years of life I’ve had my fair share of personal ups and downs. I’ve lost and loved several times before marrying my wife. I had small triumphs and the glimmer of promise in my would-be career as a musician and composer, and I’ve had to deal with the fallout when I realized […]

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