Write Badly

Just recently I came across this bit of wisdom in this quote from Joshua Wolf Shenk. It reads: “Get through a draft as quickly as possible. Hard to know the shape of the thing until you have a draft. Literally, when I wrote the last page of my first draft of Lincoln’s Melancholy I thought, […]

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Into the Rain

Raindrops Sitting on the cold cement, she could feel the runoff from the rain seeping into her dress. She couldn’t tell if her umbrella landed behind her somewhere. She opened her eyes trying to squint through the droplets of rain. She saw his hand first, extended out towards her offering her support. Her eyes traversed the […]

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New stuff in the works…

Just a quick update. I’ll be writing the final part of the short story sometime this week and I will make the whole story available for reading on a separate page on this site. I plan on writing more short stories. Judging by the views I received for No Regrets, I may write more posts dealing with my […]

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The Spine The cool air hovering through the raindrops kissed her cheeks. She didn’t mind the effort of her fingers holding up the umbrella. She was even grateful to the rain for letting the mist and the darkness shroud her in anonymity while matching the weather conditions of her inner world. She had her book […]

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The Spine

This Lonely Climb Silence. Something or someone abruptly silenced the faint notes of the guitar creeping through the window and into his ears. He opened his eyes to the blankness of the walls and the blankness of the screen before him. The flickering bluish-white fluorescent bulb dangled from its suspended wire swinging gently like a pendulum. […]

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This Lonely Climb

The Void She stood looking at blonde tones of the polished spruce on her guitar resting in its stand. Not feeling, not wanting, but needing to give it more yet the late hour and the dull throbbing of her knuckles would not let her.  She cast her glance away feeling unworthy of the instrument in […]

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A Project in the Works Part 1

So the last two posts were just little off-the-cuff pieces that I wrote. I started off by just wanting to capture that same helpless feeling of desperation that most creative artists and professionals face as they struggle. Now, that I’ve read both blog posts, I’m debating on expanding on the two respective stories. There are concrete […]

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