New stuff in the works…

Just a quick update. I’ll be writing the final part of the short story sometime this week and I will make the whole story available for reading on a separate page on this site. I plan on writing more short stories.

Judging by the views I received for No Regrets, I may write more posts dealing with my life and its challenges.

Right now, I ‘m getting ready to launch a vlog on which will consist of a 3-5 min video each weekday and a longer format video each Sunday night. More details will come once it’s ready to launch.

I am also working on creating neat stuff for Instagram and Snapchat so watch this blog for more announcements on that as well.

I’m also going to launch a podcast that will be on as well as the iTunes music store. This podcast will be approximately 15-20 minutes in length and will cover a variety of topics relating to ideas, culture, self-improvement, fiction, art, music, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment. I hope to include various guests on for occasional interviews and may have questions and answers as well.


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