The Way of Integra

Anyone who knows me personally (and not just online) might be aware of my explorations into Objectivism, Buddhism, and Catholicism among many other ideas. They might understand way, for all of the controversy that surrounds Ayn Rand, why I am still inspired by her philosophy and consider her metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and heroic view of mankind as essentials in my own life.

Anyone who knows a little bit about the history of Objectivism might understand that the philosophy was created from Rand’s need to show the premises from which her characters acted. The creation of her philosophy was a result of her goal of portraying her vision of the ideal man.

Over the last six years that I have been working on my own novel, I have come to understand that I need to create my own philosophy for my characters for reasons similar to Rand’s. There is much potential in Objectivism, but I think that there is far more that needs to be covered in philosophy and its practical implementation that Rand herself never covered along with some areas that need minor correction or clarification. I’ll cover these in much greater detail in future postings.

So I have begun to formulate my own philosophy of life based on what I have learned from Rand, psychology, living my own life, and truths mined from other worldviews. I do not pretend for a moment that Rand would welcome or approve any modification of mine to her system, so I wish to distinguish my ideas as against hers. I will write much more on these ideas in the years to come. I say ‘years’ because, beyond the novels and other work that I create, I believe the creation of this philosophy will be my life’s work.

I call this philosophy, Integra. What follows is its creed.

The Way of Integra

I can know and I can understand.

I will not be afraid of truth.

There is value in my life

and in my struggles.


If I do not see it now,

then I will soon make it manifest

through my thoughts,

through my choices,

and through my actions.

I will heal my soul when it is broken,

quenching its thirst for truth,

for beauty,

for meaning,

and for love.

When I have failed,

I will not drown in self-pity,

I will not blame others.

I will learn.

I will strengthen my resolve.

I will do better.

When I am successful,

my pride will be authentic and earned.

I will not show arrogance,

I will show gratitude.

I will not rest on my laurels.

When I am able,

I will help others along their path.

Fueled only by love,

Driven by curiosity and intuition,

Guided only by reason,

with full knowledge of my own self,

I will walk the path of my chosen purpose,

by the road of  virtue,

the true way of Happiness.


Adam Buker is a freelance author living in Springfield, MO. When he’s not writing, he’s usually cooking, playing with his kids, making music, taking photos, or otherwise pondering the mysteries of life.


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